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A tester that examines nerve abnormalities throughout the body using sweat from warming the stomach.

(SayM's SCNT measures sweating with an accuracy of one millionth of a liter, and can detect various neurological and skin abnormalities that could not be detected with conventional screening devices with an accuracy of over 95%.)


The initials of a mixed substance developed with reference to a thesis from Taipei Medical University, which successfully generated nitric oxide by accidently discovering that there are benefits other than screening for patients while undergoing SCNT screening at a university hospital.

Bangzza Theraphy

Beauty therapy using self-invented and patented tool “Leafari”.

Leafari: A tool made from traditional Korean bronze bangzzayugi, an eco-friendly beauty care tool that can manage both hot and cold temperatures with only hot and cold water without the help of electricity or machines.

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